Lizy Toth author

Dream big, try your hardest, see where it takes you!

Writing the book The Love Behind the Mask for children during this pandemic made her feel like she was contributing with something good and helpful in such a stressful and confusing time.

Lizy enjoys beach days; baking chocolate cakes and watching her twin boys read books where you can see their imagination take flight.

She feels extremely blessed to be a mom and says she never knew how much love her heart could hold until her boys called her mommy.


When I first heard about Covid-19 in the news I didn’t really know what to think about it just like everyone else but I personally started wearing a mask right away.

At that time I was pretty much the only person wearing a mask and people at the grocery store for example would walk away from me thinking that was something wrong.

a little free time

A few weeks later the schools closed and we all went into quarantine. As you can imagine we had a little extra time on our hands.

I was the only one leaving the house for the essentials always with a mask on. I started thinking about the reason I was wearing a mask to protect myself, protect my kids, protect my mom and protect everyone else I came into contact with.

The Love Behind the Mask just came to me. Watching my kids go thru all these changes inspired me to help them understand why we were washing our hands, practicing social distancing and wearing a mask.

So I started writing the book, fortunately my husband Chris is a designer and illustrator. Once I had my idea written down he was able to bring it to life.

Inspired by our twin boys, it is a sweet and heartfelt story told from a child’s perspective. We hope kids will understand from this story there is love behind every mask.

Chris Toth illustrator

20 plus years in advertising and design Chris knows the importance of telling a good story and how to keep the viewer entertained. The dream to illustrate a book finally arrived when work as usual came to a stop during those 2 months in the year 2020.

Compelled to keep productive and do something for the greater good the Love Behind the Mask was the perfect project at the perfect time to restart his passion for illustration and his childhood dream to illustrate books.

“This book would never have happened without my wife’s inspiration and stern motivation”